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Suitable Applications

Revolutionize Mobility with NuMicro® Automotive Microcontrollers

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Power Train

M0A23, NUC131

  • Engine Control Unit

  • Transmission control unit

  • Pump control

  • Cooling Fan control


M0A23, NUC131, M483, NUC240, NUC230, M0A21, M453

  • Body control module

  • Car lighting

  • Ventilated seat

  • Seat ECU

  • HVAC

  • ORVM

  • Door Window regulator


Cutting-Edge Cores

State-of-the-art ARM Cortex-M0 and M4 cores. 

Power Efficiency

Low power consumption while delivering exceptional performance. 

Comprehensive Connectivity

Rich interfaces: CAN / LIN / UART / SPI / I2C

Robust Reliability

Reliable operation in extreme environments

Longevity and Support

Long lifecycle over 10 years

Product Features

M0 Robust and High Operating Temperature

M0 MCU, 48 MHz, 32 KB Flash, CAN 2.0B*1, LIN*2, 17ch ADC, for BMS/Rader 

M4 CAN Interfaces

M4 MCU w/ DSP ISA & Secure boot, up to 200 MHz, CAN FD/2.0B interface, USB FS/OTG, LCD IF

M0 CAN Interfaces

M0 MCU, 50- 72 MHz, Up to 128 KB Flash, CAN FD/2.0B interface, for Security/ Alarm/Motor/industrial Control

Development Support

Other than the evaluation boards as laid out above, Nuvoton provides the Nu-Link debugger and programmer the NuTool Suite and other programming tools. Third-party IDE, such as Keil MDK, IAR EWARM, Eclipse IDE with GNU GCC compilers, and others, are also supported.

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