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Suitable Applications

Stay Smart, Stay Secure, Stay Reliable with NuMicro® IoT Platform

Smart Home and Consumer Electronics.jpeg

Smart Home and Consumer Electronics

  • Smart thermostats

  • Smart lighting systems

  • Smart locks and doorbells

  • Smart speakers

  • Home security cameras

  • Smart appliances

  • Voice-activated assistants

  • Smart plugs and switches

Industrial and Manufacturing (2).jpeg

Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Industrial sensors (e.g., temperature, pressure, humidity)

  • Environmental sensors (air quality, noise)

  • Asset tracking devices Industrial IoT (IIoT) gateways

  • Condition monitoring sensors

  • RFID tags and readers

  • GPS trackers for logistics

  • Supply chain monitoring devives

Heathcare and Wearables.jpeg

Heathcare and Wearables

  • Wearable health monitors

  • Remote patient monitoring devices

  • Smart insulin pumps

  • Smart inhalers

  • Pill dispensers with IoT connectivity

  • Fitness wearables and smartwatches

  • Smart hearing aids

  • IoT-enabled medical equipment (e.g., ECG monitors)



  • Precision agriculture sensors

  • Soil moisture and nutrient monitors

  • Livestock monitoring devices

  • IoT-controlled irrigation systems

  • Crop health monitoring solutions

  • Smart beekeeping technology

  • Farm automation and robotics

  • Weather stations with IoT connectivity

  • GPS-guided tractors and machinery

  • Crop yield prediction systems

IoT Devices with Secure Connection, Secure Fingerprint Lock, Smart City Facilities, Wireless Sensor Node Device, Smart metering, Digital Currency Authentication, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with Trusted Applications (TAs), Smart Home Appliance

Industrial IoT gateway, UART-to-Ethernet converter, industrial automation, smart home, etc

Smart Home gateway, Fingerprint reader, Data Collector ,Smart Home Appliance  ,Serial server , 2D/1D Barcode reader , Barcode printer ,Power Distribution Unit , Ethernet Industrial Control , Ethernet RTU/ DTU

Industrial IoT Devices for Motor Control -IoT Gateway,  Telecom, Data Center

Smart Home, Industrial Automation, Smart City Facilities,  Security Alarm System, Electronic Payments, Communication Modules, Portable Wireless Data Collector, Smart Door lock, Handheld Medical Device

Air Detector/Cleaner, Mobile LCD Panel Controller, IoT Sensing Device ,HMI Controller, Micro Printer, Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, WPC Wireless Charger

IoT device  with bluetooth, Personal healthcare device with wireless connectivity , Assess tracking devices , Smart home  remote control device

Edge Gateway, Tiny AI (Artificial Intelligent) / ML (Machine Learning), HMI (Human Machine Interface) & Industrial Control, New Energy Applications

Industrial IoT Devices for Motor Control -IoT Gateway,  Telecom, Data Center

Still many IoT applications can be realised using our Nuvoton IoT platform offerings, for any support please contact TECHDesign team for your queries

Product Features

M23 IoT Security (TrustZone)

M23 TrustZone MCU, 96 MHz, 1MB Flash, CAN*2, USB HS/OTG, LCD, for Smart IOT

M4 Ethernet

M4 MCU w/ DSP ISA&Secure, 192 MHz, CAN *2, USB HS/OTG, LCD IF, 10/100 MAC

Arm9 Industrial Control IoT Series

ARM926EJ-S core, 300MHz, 128MB DDR, USB HS, 10/100 MAC, Camera IF, Crypto

M4 Ethernet/M4 Crypto Available

M4 MCU w/ DSP ISA&FPU, 200MHz, CAN FD*4, USB HS/OTG PHY, 10/100 MAC, Crypto

M23 Low-power

M0 MCU, 48/72 MHz, Up to 512KB Flash, UART*4, USB FS PHY, 16ch ADC, for HMI

M0 Bluetooth 5.0

M0 MCU, 48/72 MHz, Up to 512KB Flash, UART*4, USB FS PHY, 16ch ADC, BLE 5.0

M0 Low Operating Voltage

M0 MCU, 48/72 MHz, Up to 512KB Flash, UART*4, USB FS PHY, 16ch ADC, for HMI

Development Support

Other than the evaluation boards as laid out above, Nuvoton provides the Nu-Link debugger and programmer the NuTool Suite and other programming tools. Third-party IDE, such as Keil MDK, IAR EWARM, Eclipse IDE with GNU GCC compilers, and others, are also supported.

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